Dr Sachin is 50 years old medical professional. He has done M.B.B.S., and M.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Ultrasonography. He is practicing in medicine for last 25 years. While attending pregnant ladies and the playful new beings in side mother's uterus, he got very curious to know why the picture of pleasure is changing in to pain in the human life. Then he was struck himself by the agonising pain of anxiety and depression.more

We have been gifted the most hi-tech super-duper computerized self-healing body, which runs automatically on the remote control of our thoughts. When you decide to go to market, you reach there automatically. You need not give separate orders to your hands or legs or eyes what to do. You need not think about the millions of the activities your body and mind have to do for taking you to the market.more

A person who seeks approval for taking any action cannot take proper decisions.So the whole idea of approval is to be scrutinized.To start with a person takes a decision with the best use of his brain. He takes conscious efforts to come to a decision about the action to be taken. The things that are considered while taking this decision are basically related to the likings and requirements of that individual person.more

Fetus in uterus and infant up to one year show delta brain waves. They are the slowest that is 1-4/sec, and are of healing nature. In adults they are seen when deep asleep. Children of 2-5 years show theta brain waves. They are 4-7/sec. They are homeostatic. In adults they are seen when asleep. Alfa waves are seen while meditating or relaxing. They are 7-13/sec. All of them produce parasympathetic dominance. It is associated with peaceful body and soul.more

The brain stimulates sympathetic autonomic system only if it perceives threat to physical survival. There is no other situation when the stress will be produced when a human is less than 3 years of age.The brain creates the energy according to the Einstein's formula of Energy= Mass multiplied by square of Speed of Light. This activity occurs when the brain perceives the need. more

Consider state of sleep. There is parasympathetic dominance. healing is occurring. Heart rate and respiration are slow. All muscles are relaxed. The brain waves range as follows. Beta waves during alert sate ranging from 13-60 waves/ second. Alfa waves during relaxation ranging from 7-13/second. Theta waves during superficial sleep ranging from 4-7/second. Delta waves during deep sleep ranging from 1-4 waves per second. more

By default the nature has bestowed us with the skill of self-defence. Water, air, food and shelter are already available. The primary responsibility of every living being is towards his own body, because he is nothing without his body. The brain and the body work for each other seeking peace and pleasure to each other at all times. It is called homeostasis. When threat to survival is perceived, discomfort and pain is produced as an alarm. The divine program of flight or fight occurs then.more

You are not what you think 'what you are' unless people believe so. You are what other people know 'what you are'. You make them believe 'what you are'. Then you believe what other people think 'what you are'. Then you become stronger in 'what you are'. If you behave confused, people will believe in some time that you are confused. Then they will treat as confused person. This reminder will confirm your opinion that you are confused. more

Who is the person who did maximum for you? It is you. You carry out respiration, digestion, secretion, defecation, urination, lacrimation, locomotion, and etcetera for you. So you owe maximum to yourself. But you don't give what you want to you. You want to be what you were at your puberty. Young, dynamic, decisive, constructive, creative, romantic, loving, exploring, dashing, daring, dancing, celebrating, experimenting you. Somebody told you that you owe to others more than yourself. more

Every parent and teacher is blessed with a divine task. It is to mold the children in to good and productive human beings. This is a letter to the parents and the teachers in general. Dear parents and teachers, A child will become a responsible citizen of this World. He is in the making process today. His slate of memory is blank right now. You are the persons who are going to write the story of the future of the child. more

When we consider blooming of a flower, we see that the plant gets proper water, sunlight, fertilizers and security. When all these things are provided for a temporary time span of childhood, the plant transforms in to a tree. Now this tree is capable of serving you by its cool shadow and the sweet fruits or beautiful flowers. It is a bit saddening to see that our society maintenances their plants, cars or television, but not the relations. We consider that the relations do not need maintenance.more

I looked at the man in the mirror. He was looking at me. When I looked in to his eyes, he moved restlessly. I was shocked. Is he different than me? 'Who are you?' I asked. 'I am Sachin ' he said. 'But I am Sachin for sure', I said. 'You are not Sachin, my dear,' he said. 'Then who am I?' I asked. 'You are the insecure father, husband, doctor, professional, Hindu tax-payer Citizen of India' he said. 'They are the roles that I have to play to live life in this society. more

The importance of touch in living beings is great. Look at your pet. He is waiting for you to pat him. Look at the lioness cleaning her cubs with her tongue. Look at the snakes having mating. Now look at human beings. After few years of marriage the romance reduces. Touch becomes so precious, that it becomes rare. The sexual activity is reduced. The wife becomes busy in increasing load of work due to children. The preference for touch becomes secondary. This becomes a habit. more

Consider that you are sitting on aisle seat of your car. Your driver is driving your car. Your driver is not driving safe. What will you do? You drive the car. Neglect and relax. Instruct the driver and remain alert. The people who will take the first option have the mentality to succeed. The second option people will remain average in their life. The third option taker will be stressed losing the fun of ride. BECOME THE DRIVER OF YOUR CAR. more

Every word that we learn is always in context of something we experience by one of our special senses. When we taste mango, we tag it as taste of mango. When we feel mango, we tag it as feel of mango. When we see mango, we tag it as look of mango. When we smell mango, we tag it as scent of mango. When we think or discuss about mango, we can feel all those feelings once again. The mango will flash in the mind in all forms for that fraction of second. more

In the game rummy of life you already have a pure sequence of air, water and food. You have another sequence of shelter, security and society. You have GOD as first joker in your cards. You have to attach peaceful and pleasure producing incidents with the GOD. This way you become safe in rummy of life. These are the essentials for being safe in rummy of life. more