How about 'feeling safe' just like a child in his mother's lap?

Impossible? It is possible. In reality.

You need to know the ignition, clutch, brake, accelerator, gears and steering to drive a car. In the same way, you need to learn how your brain creates sensations on your body, how to heal & control your mind.

This is the scientific era. Science gives you unique platform and equal chances. More you understand more you get. You go for fishing and you get pearls. How about that? Come with us on this fascinating journey. We promise you will enjoy with us.

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Dear Sachin sir,
I had been suffering from depression for over a year. Everything is my life was a big mess, right from relationships to personal life to professional life. I was taking pills to control depression not to mention support from psychiatrists and healers (but all a big waste of time and money) and was almost on the brink of believing that this was a permanent suffering and that there was no way out. Then a friend of mine gave me Dr. Sachin Deskmukh's number. I was hesitant but thought lets take a chance. I called him and right from the very first day he has supported me tremendously. It took me 2 weeks to come to a place where I have almost stopped my pills and I am on my way to lead a happy life. This was something I never even imagined I could do in this life time. But, thanks to Dr. Sachin I have realised with his scientific theory that its all about our brain and he showed me how to overcome hurdles. His personal approach and dedicated help has helped me greatly. Thank you is a very small word for what he has done and is still doing for me. He introduced me to a smart, intellegent, pretty and confident woman... and that is me. I am so grateful I met this easy to go guiding angel who has showed me a way that leads to a bright and happy life.

- Kavita Tripati 32yrs,IT Professional Pune