We take the credit of our body movements. We act and talk as if we have carried out every small part of every act our body performs.

Think again. We have only thought about a task. Rest has been taken care by our body only. While traveling by car I just had a thought about going for toilet; right from finding a toilet, stopping the car, going to the toilet, doing it, coming back and starting driving have happened automatically. These acts may look simple physically. If you knew the countless biochemical changes that have occurred during this whole process, you might get shocked. Feeling an itch, and itching there involves surprisingly countless biochemical changes. Even pointing a finger involves the same.

All these programs have already been installed in the human body by default.

To drive a car, it not necessary to know how the engine of a car works. Only few things like ignition, accelerator, clutch, brake, steering wheel, petrol are required to be known to drive a car. Similarly knowing what kind of thought process is needed for certain kind of action is enough for activating our body actions.

It is interesting to note that when we press accelerator of a car, we do not try to move the pistons manually; or when we brake we do not press brake pads to brake drums; or when we rotate steering wheel we do not try to turn tires. It is understood that if first action is taken, the resultant action is going to happen automatically.

This is the difference between doing and trying to do. Picking up the chair is a thought which will result in effortless picking up the chair; trying to pick up a chair will result in manually giving orders to all the body parts involved in picking up a chair which will make picking up the chain very difficult. Similarly going to sleep is a thought which will result in effortless sleep; while trying to sleep involves finding out and resolving factors aiding sleep, which will make you sleepless.

We have been gifted the most hi-tech super-duper computerized self-healing body, which runs automatically on the remote control of our thoughts. We can enjoy ride of the gift whole of our life, if we know the buttons of this remote control properly. Rational thought process will teach us which buttons are to be used and when.